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Endodontists = Root Canal Specialist

Dr. Titus recommends that all molar root canal therapy be completed by a board certified Endodontist.  Endodontists are dentist which have completed extra-training in root canal therapy--several years of such training.  Endodontic practices are geared for this type of dental therapy, and as such, they perform root canal therapy, faster, with higher success rates and provide it more comfortably for the patient.

Molars pose several complicating factors when it comes to root canal therapy success.  They normally have three canals that have to be cleaned and treated, but it is not uncommon to find a fourth or fifth canal.  In addition, access to the molars is more difficult given there position in the mouth.  Add to this the fact that molar canals are narrow and curved even further complicated endodontic therapy on such teeth.

Some studies have indicated that Endodontists have molar root canal therapy success rates that approach or exceed 95% over 5 years.  The success of root canal therapy on molars for general dentists do not approach this impressive number.

When a tooth will be crowned after root canal therapy, and permanently cemented onto the tooth, a failing root canal and a retreatment can mean drilling through the top of the brand new crown.  This unfortunate situation makes it clear that the very best chances for a successful root canal should be sought out to avoid it.  Essentially, we want a good stable foundation to build on -- one that won't cause us problems in the future.

We don't see such differences in outcome success rates with teeth other than molars, such as premolars, canines and incisors.  As such, many of these type of teeth can be treated without an endodontic referral.

Our practice will be glad to help you secure the services of a board certified endodontist if we deem that you should need root canal therapy on a molar tooth or on a tooth that presents itself as a more difficult procedure.

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